Oside Kulture

Southern California

"We’re not a T-shirt brand. This isn’t T-shirts. This is stories. This is content and culture and community. This is relationships. The T-shirt is just merch."

Bobby Hundreds - THE HUNDREDS

Who We Are

Oside Kulture is a Southern California clothing company dedicated to designing apparel to attract the surf and skate-oriented lifestyle.

Local And Student-Run

The school-based business, Oside Kulture was born from the 21st Century Entrepreneurial Exploration (21CEE) Freshman course. 21CEE is a project/passion-based course that gives students the opportunity to practice real world skills.

Our Roots

RWS are known to provide wide range opportunities for dreams to come true locally and nationally. Thanks to them, the 21CEE classes are getting the chance to run a business suited for these young and talented youth. Elyse Burden, Co-founder of RWS, as well as other peers were kind enough to fund this ambitious venture and make it a reality.


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