Brian Smith

February 7, 2019

n February 7th, Brian Smith the founder of UGG, came to El Camino High School where he had talked to an audience of freshman  twenty first century entrepreneur experience class and the O’side Kulture team.  We were able to speak to Brian Smith before, during, and after his speech.  

He compares the start up of his business to an infant. When a baby is first born, they’re perfect.  Smith made sure that only perfection represented his business.  With this method, sales were only at $10,000. He realized that perfection and having everything expensive was sending the wrong message when people started to say, “Uggs are fake.” He used two surfers to model for him. With this method, sales shot up to $220,000!  

Smith learned that when using marketing and advertising, instead of showing your product, you must show emotion and that way you capture your audience’s eyes better. If you only show your product on any marketing or advertising platform, your audience doesn’t become as invested in your product. If only they could connect to it, they would be much more likely to buy your product.

A quote that is connected to everything in life and the business is “Quickest tadpole can grow and to live life to the happiest.”

Within five years later, Brain thought it would be the best idea to bring in more people with a bigger impact to the business, investors.  Except he had no clue the next day, what he had signed when he got a call.  He lost his business, UGG.  He turned into something else.  Brain had fell into depression, hard.  He could not see anything else other than that he had lost his business.  Soon, his wife finally was fed up with his motives of not doing a single action, and yelled at him for it.  That had gotten him to realise what he was doing.  Brian had saw the light at the end of the tunnel and realized there was so much more to life than his company.  Afterwards, he had gotten goosebumps.  Not the kind that your cold or you nervous.  The kind where you know something is changing and you cannot wait to see what will be the final outcome of it all.

“Sometimes your most disappointments become your greatest blessings”

Soon Brian Smith went back to UGG and started selling the UGG boots once again.  The commission sales went from $5,000 to $10,000.  They did not have much product to show in the local business conference.  They still had leftover product from the year beforehand.  The UGG company tried to reference people to help make more.  But, as it turned out the one main supplier had transitioned from UGG and went to make boots for THUGGs.  THUGG had made the same boot design as UGG had originally.  The customer service that UGG had was phenomenal.  Because  they did not go away from anything of UGG, even when UGG said to go buy THUGGs, their customers still did not stray away.  From that moment, you could realize their loyalty to the business and how strong it truly was.

It has been eighteen years since UGG was created.  They have every design you could ever imagine and the business is still growing.  

“It doesn’t matter if you get a job or an internship never give up always pursue and choose social media.  It turns into a very fun and interesting journey that I have learned everything I know today.  I have become the best in the realm that I specifically work in” - Brian Smith


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