The freshman class of El Camino have created their own business, EC Cares.  They are reaching out to homeless people and giving back to the community.  Currently, EC Cares is doing a clothing drive, where they are collecting clothing of any kind that is slightly worn with no holes; this may include: sheets, blankets, shoes, and clothing of any kind.  You may donate anything else even if they are not on the list above.  Anything is welcome.  You may drop it off at room 612 on the El Camino High School campus, this is Mr. Voris’s classroom, the advisor for both O’side Kulture and EC Cares or you can drop it off up in the front office of El Camino High School and state that it is for either EC Cares or O'side Kulture's clothing drive.  O’side Kulture is helping out the newly rising business with this clothing drive.  As we of O’side Kulture like to give back to the community is a great opportunity for everyone to be involved in.  For more information let us know.  This clothing donation is open until Tuesday, April 2nd.