O’side Kulture Apparel and Multimedia is a student-based business.  We originated last year during the 2017 school year when we were all freshman.  We take place in Oceanside, California.  We want to spread the word about how we live our life by the sea to all people around the world.  O’side Kulture is all about our town in California; Oceanside.  We sit right by the beach; we have beaches, skateparks, surfers, shops by the sea, our historical town and pier that tracks all the way back to the late 1700’s.  Now, O’side Kulture is ran by us (now we are sophomores, class of 2021), we are the remaining students of last year's freshman.  We were handpicked by our advisors, Tom Voris and Kristina Vasquez.   Last year, our business became what it is now when we decided to take a class called 21st Century Entrepreneurial Experience, this course counted as credits for a college prep course.  We had been the very first freshman to take this course at our high school, El Camino High School; located in Oceanside, California.  Now, we work four days of our school week on World History curriculum and twenty-four seven to run our business, O’side Kulture.  We have recently made a t-shirt for our amazing teaching staff who asked us to make one with a certain design on them.

          My name is Catherine Regan, I am now the current CFO of O’side Kulture, one of the three bloggers who writes weekly, and I take sports photography for our high school sports; El Camino High School, located in Oceanside, California.  These blogs will be about recent events and will talk about our companies future ideas for this year.  These will include any fundraisers, clothing, and sales with time and locations.  At some of our locations we will have some of our very own performing live music.  Some of my blogs will also include some of Oceanside’s unique facts that I think you should know about.  Come out and check us out.

On our website you can find more information about us.  You can also find out more information about our photographers, videographers, and services that we have.  We also have two of our shirts on the website and our last popsockets are still on sale for this year.  Check our website for recent videos, tweets, and instagram posts.  We will soon have more recent product for the upcoming year.