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November 4, 2018

ur design team has been in the works on designing new apparel for the following Summer 2019 apparel line. As of right now, the team is looking forward to producing shirts, hoodies, and stickers. According to the polls done by our social media team, it looks like our audience would like to see a more simple and basic logo rather than a colorful, decorative logo.

Minimal Vs Decorative

With this line being possibly our last release of clothing for the school year, we have to make sure that we make apparel that could appeal to everyone. Therefore, our social media team undergoes the task of asking our followers on which designs appeal to them. As far as they can tell, our audience enjoys a more minimal design. This makes the designing process easier since our teams know how to cater their logos.

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The Design Process

In order for our design team to envision how the apparel might look before we make the final product, they use a website called Printful. Printful helps by placing your logo onto apparel in the most realistic form in order to help you see how it may look printed.

I've only been using Printful for a few months and I'm already satisfied with the results. They are efficient, high quality, and they know exactly what they are doing. The branding options are phenomenal. Thank you guys for making my business excel.

As of right now we are selling the following items at a discounted price. All items will be $10 and will sell out fast.

Apparel Available:
  • Blue Horizon T-shirt
  • Rasta T-Shirt
  • Horizon T-Shirt


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